Monday, March 7, 2011

"Bed-Stuy Chop Shop" -We Cut Heads

I absolutely HATE going to the barber shop! Now it's not like I don't like getting my hair cut, it's REALLY the wait that I'm hating on. ESPECIALLY when your barber is the most popular in the shop and you have to freakin' RSVP ahead to be place on a list to get a cut. THEN when you finally get in the chair that when everybody and yo momma wants to call you! Excuse me I'm getting off track here. I was sayin' all this to say that this time I decided to bring my Canon (T2I) along and be creative while I endure the long wait process. Beside I'm working on an love ole to Brooklyn and I thought "I would be nice to get some images of a barber shop that has that Brooklyn essence." So voila' two birds, one stone. DONE! Here's the best of what I was able to capture while their skillful hands weren't moving. I got into it so much I almost forget I was there FOR a cut. LOL!

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