Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Punch Suckered Me!" -Sucker Punch Review

Let me first start off with a formal apology. If I've influenced you in ANY way based on my many post on the blog about this movie I am TRULY sorry! I myself was planning to go see this on the day of it's release so I could have a fresh review for you come Monday morning. But something told me "Pause...don't get suckered into the hype!" But when good friend (Carlito) put me onto the Optimum On-line FREE Tuesday movie jump-off, I said "Hey, I have NOTHING to lose here! It's FREE right?!?" I was wrong. I lost time, respect and a lil' hope for this director Zack guy. Sure the movie is two hours of visual eye porn, sure Zack has mastered the green screen technology to near perfection. Sure he KNOWS how to market the s**t out of a movie. But when it comes to character development and original storytelling...SMMFH! Damn, I was hoping I was wrong but this movie was basically the Matrix, meets La Cage Aux Folles, meets Lord of the Rings, meets Japanimation, meets Kill Bill (sorry if I've offended anyone connected w/ any of those films). It was like watching a game of Russian roulette knowing a bullet was in EVERY chamber! POW! I would have loved him to just pick ONE genre and kill it! But the story, the acting, and the time consistency was like the popcorn I threw up...all over the place! LOL. Thank God, Allah, Jehovah, Odin, Zeus, and whomever you happen to pray to that Christopher Nolan is writing the Superman story FOR Zack to direct. At the end, I even wanted my money back for money I had spent on the popcorn combo! YES, it was THAT bad folks. If someone suggests to you "Hey why didn't we catch that Sucker Punch movie?" Just turn the other cheek! This gets 2 out of 5 M's

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