Monday, February 1, 2010

"Flashing Lights"-Paparazzi Pics (Pt.185)

How was your weekend? Fine? Oh mine? Mine was just SMASHING! Without getting into all the details, Let's just say Spring looks very PROMISING! If Winter is treating me this way. Anyways Sunday night I get an invite to say a heartfelt "goodbye but not so long" farewell to our homie Ms. Davita, who's relocating to "the A town" (aka Atlanta) to push reset on her life story. You know the new condo building located by the Manhattan Bridge off of Flatbush extension right? No not the Lego looking joint, but the other one right next to the Mobil gas station. Yeah that one! Well a gang of her closest pals all came together there to to send her off packing. Awww sad face. I attempted to play DJ with the ONE speaker present (that by the way was a SUB WOOFER!) which meant no highs what so ever! ALL BASS! It sounded like one of those hooptie rides with the sound system more expensive than the damn car, and all you hear coming down the block is "WOOM WOOM WOOMWOOM!" But I tried my best to make thangs work. After wards whom ever stuck around, or got there DUMB late (ummm Lyshann Hall/the Stylistics Agency & Rich Younglord/Producer extraordinaire) stayed to catch jokes on the Grammys show! Ahhhhh I love my life. It's the simple things I tell you. Here's some dope pics Ms. Stephanie O'Conner our resident budding photog took of some of the attendees there.

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Nice photos.

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