Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.186)

Shhhh, are the kids out the room? If not don't scroll down just yet! This post may contain material not suitable for children 17 and under. They're gone? Good, now we can talk. Okay last Sunday I began my first night hosting VIP at "Pink Ellie" (aka Pink Elephant/nka Pink) hold the applause for later. I've DONE Sundays before starting w/ NV (y'all remember NV right?) then a lil' spot called Sliver, then on to Vue (now Nikki Beach). From there on to Spotlight Live (formally Noche), ending up at the monster of Sunday nights "Magic City" @ LQ! You get the point...I'VE DONE SUNDAY NIGHTS folks! But this HERE, this one here felt different! Strolled in early w/ Block members DJ Trauma (Soundproof/Alador & Smith) & L.A. (the Stylistics Agency) to shake off the rust and introduce myself to staff. So folks can get familiar with the face they cutting checks to (LOL). Round 12:30-1:00am ish I was type nervous cause it was tea party light size attendance in there. (Producer) Rich Younglord, Chadon (stylist), Toni Renee' (stylist), the ladies of Detailed Events showed up, so we all grabbed a table to get a first row seat to "the movie" about to happen. By like 1:30-2am it was ZOOLOGY in there! Tigers, bears, gorilla pimps OH MY! I keep looking around for the director to say "CUT!" You'd sware Lil' Wayne or Young Jeezy was filming a video that night! For a non-holiday Sunday night, it got 'nanas man. I know the waitresses were exhausted from the constant stream of bottles dudes KEEP ordering. No lie, true story, dudes were competing trying to "out pop" each other! To the point that one table bought a bottle for even the damn BATHROOM attendant! You heard me right, THE BATHROOM attendant dawg! Then the other "street ballers" bought bottles for the COAT CHECK girls and EVERY other table...Magnum size bottles mind you! Game OVER! I s@#t you not, almost EVERY table in a two foot radius had a bottle resting on top by 3am. GOD DAMN is right! Oh what a night! Silky Valente (Soundproof /Block Association) showed face, that's when the "movie" turned widescreen 3D , no bootleg. Liquor look like it was pouring right in yo face...cause it probably WAS! How anybody got out alive (or sober) is beyond me. Happy B'day to the ladies that came out to support my first night (Mimi & Latoya)! Hope it lived up to what you wanted & more! I'll post video later but for now peep game. See you next Sunday after "My Uber Sunday" Super Bowl party. Pink WILL be the after after party.


joygasm said...

I had a blast and the pics are great!!!


it's like the 90s all over again!

drink responsibly.

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