Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Walk Tall, And Carry A Big Wallet!" -The "Throw it In the Bag" Edition

Boom, check it! Last week Tues. a get a call from my homie (tailor to the stars) Beckenberg that he's shooting outta town for a minute a needs a solid for a high profile client of his. Just WHO this client is? Why none other than star forward Al Harrington (of NY Knicks fame)! now what's the favor? Al's having a HUGE B'day party to celebrate his 30th, and needed someone to style him (which is where I come in). But here's the's an 80's theme party! Whoa! The 80's I have NO problem with. None. But DAMN son, where the HELL am I gonna find s#@t in his big ass size?!? I threw my thinking cap on (which by the way looks EXACTLY like a regular ol' hat.) and thought of a few spots that many have something up his alley. I never met dude before, so it was a good thing that my homie Chandon (celeb stylist) put in that call to link us and make the trek a bit more comfortable for me (whew!). First stop, I took them to this spot on (I wanna say) 9th & 3rd Ave. I forget the name but they specialize in a LOTTA 80's type gear. Kinda expensive if you ask me. But HEY...It's dude's wallet opening up, not mine! Copped this illy Troop jacket (remember those?) that KINDA fit but we'll fix that later. Next stop was a chain spot! You CAN'T do "80's baller" without a dokey phat rope dawg! So check that off the list, Then made a pit stop into Memes (3 Great Jones St.) where we got vintage Cazels ON SALE! A SWEET pair of clear frames was thrown in the bag next. The last wasn't on the list but that s@#t was so DOPE I pressured him to get it (really wishing it came in my size...and on layaway too lol). Some crazy cable knit wool sweater that looked like money! It turned out to be a good day after all despite not knowing where the f@#k to start, either way job well done so far. Oh before I forget, I'll be helping him out with his party as well, and wanted me to invite you. Here's the info:

Patty Laurent, the Minority Report,
& the Stylistic Agency

Wednesday, Feb. 17th

"Top Billin' !" -Al Harrington's 30th B'day party
Quo -511 W.28th St.
Music by Biz Markie, DJ S&S
Live drummer Fred "the Animal"
Performances by Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and MORE!
Ladies FREE w/ rsvp
Guest list ONLY
80's attire MANDATORY! No exceptions, none.

*BTW Good looking out come thru to "My Uber Sunday" Super Bowl party Al! Drinks on us next time.

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