Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.188)

I KNOW I'm a couple of days late but I've been meaning to ask you, "How was your Valentine's Day?" Mine was busier than usual. After roaming around the city in search of SOMETHING to wear to this 80's B'day party I'm hosting tomorrow ("Top Billin'!" @ Quo) for Al Harrington (NY Knicks star forward), I bounced home (NO, I didn't find with I needed) and took a "power nap" to get ready for later that night festivities. I had remembered getting an e-mail from good friend Gardy Guerrier (image consultant, and yes he's Haitian) that read:
"Girls. Guys. Drinks. Music. Talk. Jokes. Laughs. Be one or bring all.
Sunday, February 14th, 2010
7pm – 12ishhhhhhh.
63 Wall Street btwn Pearl & William.
The lounge in the mezzanine.
Tell the doorman you are there for Fabrice Armand or Gardy V. Guerrier
BYOB. I’m sure I could say more, but why?
Friends of friends are welcomed, but please leave Pookie and Shanana on the block."

So both curious & bored, I headed out from the crib early to start my night off there. Got say it wasn't what I expected...It was so much MORE! It was a nice lil' chill vibe to bring folks together for the sake of "why not?" Nothing special at all. I forget black folks dress for house parties same as the club, LOL! I'm not mad at all at that. I just keep thinking maybe folks had another destination after 12:00 hit. But the usual answer was "No." Guess I was the ONLY one hanging out later huh. When I realized the time I was off to PINK (W.27th St.) to do my hosting duties over there too. Which was a zoo over there...as usual! FYI I would of posted more flicks from PINK, but It seems chicks didn't want their "boo" to know that they had dipped out on them to shake their ass at a club on V-day! I'll just hold on to those flicks just in case I'm ever short on cash, and need to blackmail a few shorties. Click! Cha ching!

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