Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Minority Music" -It's Black History Month, Let's Make History!

I KNOW it's a bit early for Black Music Month but I got a hold of a couple of goodies the I'm DYING to share with you that's on heavy rotation on my iTouch! Finally...the KING is dead Long live the King (of Neo-Soul), D'Angelo has some long awaited "leaked" tune, then Badu's dude Jay Eletronica has some heat melting yo ear wax type ish! Lastly Badu, Bilal, and LIL' WAYNE (!?) come together for her new joint...
! See I have NO problem sharing, just when folks ask "Yo where'd you cop that from?" Spell my name right. LOL

"1,000 Deaths" -D'Angelo

"Exhibit C" -Jay Electronica

"Jump Up In The Air (& Stay There)"-Erykah Badu (ft. Lil' Wayne & Bilal)

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