Thursday, February 4, 2010

"The Saints Go Marchin' In" -Nawlins May Need A Saint's Prays

Football season is OVER! Pro-Bowl's DONE! Which means it's one game left to be played. America's biggest traditional non-holiday day! TV sells go up, team apparel sells sky rocket, and pizza pie sells like hot cakes! YEP...It must be the Super Bowl! In my household growing up as a youth, the Super Bowl was HUGE! My Pop had like 20 of his loudest Panamanian friends along w/ their wives all crammed into the crib, huddled around our livingroom TV set that looked like a piece of furniture! Around half time the volume was at it's lowest point, and a Marvin Gaye record was at it's highest. That's when "Lil' Frankie" (some nickname my Father's friends came up with) was pushed into the middle of the "drunken mob" to dance like some trained monkey for money. After wards I was rewarded for my dance moves with fresh dollar bills (was I some child male dancer and didn't know it? Hmmm). Sorry, I drifted off. Anyways I'll be picking up where Poppa Dale left off this Sunday as I host "My Uber Sunday" Super Bowl party down in DUMBO at No.1 Front St. and you're more than welcome to come join us. My pop will be there so can personally ask him if I'm bulls#%ttin' you. And I promise you, NO dancing kids during half time LOL. Here's the details:

"My Uber Sunday" Super Bowl Party

the SKYBOX -No. #1 Front St. (near Old Fulton St)
6pm Kick-Off time
2nd flr. & 3rd Flr.
FREE Admission
Music by the Ahficionados, & DJ Trauma /Soundproof Int'l
Pre-game special / Half price beers (4pm-6pm)

"the Huddle"
package -$100 For a "team" of 4 comes w/ table seating, 4 comp kick-off shots, 8 beers & an appetizer platter mix (chicken fingers, calamari, & wings)

"the Coach & the QB"
package -$50 for a "team" of two w/seating, 2 comp shots, 4 beers, and an appetizer platter mix (chicken fingers, calamari, & wings)

Fav team colored cupcakes & shots for sale too!

*After party @ PINK (W. 27th betwn. 10th & 11th Ave.)
FREE till 12am

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