Friday, February 19, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.189)

*I don't recommend you to "Wop" as you read this*

"I came in the door, I said it before, I'm never drinking
Henny w/Patron chasers no mo'!" Okay THAT didn't happen! But if it did, it probably woulda been a BETTER night for me. Let me explain from the top. This past Wed. Feb.17th I was honored with the task of hosting NBA star forward Al Harrington's 30th B-day bash along w/nightlife guru Patty Laurent, Hollywood Chuck, & L.A. (of the Stylistics Agency). The theme was straight 80's simply because that's the EXACT year Al was born. The venue was Quo (28th St. betwn 10 & 11th), and when I arrive early (like 8:30) EVERYTHING was crispy! The 200 pound B-Boy ice sculpture (complete w/boom box and phat rope chain w/ "30" medallion), the 8 foot long graffiti "Fourty Deuce" style photo backdrop. Then the GIGANTIC radio shaped cake, and break dance (all girl) crew where all in place. Thrown in the line up of acts for the night + guests attending (Biz Markie, DJ S&S, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Teddy Ted, the Fearless Four, Scoop Lover, & so on) If I had just woke up from a deep coma I would of swore I was back in the 80's heyday! So HOW could it get any better? Well for one, some THIRSTY broads that were hovering around our table like "drink vultures" KEEP putting they DAMN coat on the booth we were sitting in! Pissing me the F@#K off! I was TRYING to be nice about, but the dance floor was about to become the coat check and their jacket woulda been the FIRST ones checked in! To top thing off that had the nerve to have an ATTITUDE with ME dawg! WHAT?!? Huh(?) is right! Second on my "awww damn it" list was THE CROWD. Some folks "got it" then some just needed to STAY in the 80's! I HATE mixing crowds w/other events planners, but big money was involved explaining that. Lastly VIP stood for V (ery) I (gnorant) P (eople) on that night! Every VIP had a "crew" of folks that felt that they was VIP too, mind you in this small ass section of a VIP. Folks took the 80's theme WAY too seriously cause a 80's style fight jumped off RIGHT after the last performance on stage! LOL! Just like Union Square (the club, for those old enough to remember). Speaking of performances, that was THEE only highlight of the night for me, that and the fact that nearly everyone I invited out actually got in! Host Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, & Kane all did a DOPE job of moving the crowd! Even Fat Joe (who was stand a foot behind me in the crowd) was awestruck. For all that it was worth that made up for all the other "f@#kery" going on threw out the night. Btw I'm STILL waiting for the bottle service waitress to come to our table...2 days later! Thanks to all whom RSVP to me and came out, you're so FRESH! Here's pictures and video for you to enjoy from the safety of your home! LOL!


Materdon Inc. said...

what kind of camera are you using for the pictures and the video????

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Oh peep it, it's a new Canon a couple of months old called the SX200...Pure awesomeness! highly recommend that or the other one I'm upgrading to which is the Canon G11.

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