Monday, February 8, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.187)

Super Bowl? Nah brother Super BAD! Let's just say by 5pm all the tables in the "Skybox" lounge had been reserved and paid for & were sold OUT! What was funny to me was how right before I left the crib, I was hearing some statistics on the news that said 9 out 10 people watch the Super Bowl at home...Word!? But from what I was looking it, I would beg to differ. We had a FULL house like it was a straight up party type party up in there! As expected EVERYBODY came out at the same damn time and ordered the SAME damn time, so the wait for food was long like a coat check line at a nudist club. LOL! Yearly we've done this event in the crib on some friends and family type vibe, but now with SO many new friends and fam, we NEEDED to relocate to accommodate everyone to have a good time. And oh what a good time was had! Not a minute before the game was over the sound from the TV was muted & we turned Front St. straight up into Bourbon St! DJ Trauma (your girl's favorite DJ) and the talented Mr. Silky went in on the music set like they were in the Saints locker room! I swore someone was going to tumble out that 2nd flr. window fo' sho'! Nervous! Tables were moved, bottles started poppin' and and few celebs made appearances, so it's safe to say a new tradition was (re)born yesterday! Oh you're not ready to go home just yet? Us neither! Pink El (ephant) was the go to after party where we turned THAT out too, in the fourth quarter and called it a night! God bless you & good night! Thank you! You've been great! Take a bow.

Special Thanks to all our host for the night that made it a team "TOUCH

Detailed Events, Joe Styles, Chandon Hamilton, Lichiban & etc and so on.


joygasm said...

It was great working with you guys. Muah

LICHIBAN said...

awww, the life of the artist...thanks Al for the gig!! that was the sexiest job ever.

FLY LADY DI said...

girl in the non-shirt - wow, for real? was it mardi-gras or caribana that day? brave star!

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