Monday, December 14, 2009

"Rock A Fela!"-Broader than Broadway

Let me hear you say "Yea Yea!" Okay let me get right to it "FELA!" on Broadway is that S#@T! But it wouldn't be the M Report if I didn't give you the full experience right? Cool, okay first of all it's brick freezing cold out and once we arrive at the theater will call is just as puzzled as us as to where our tix are. Not their problem cool...I get it. But good luck/faith has a way of just showing up unannounced. Mind you, it's a few minutes before show time curtains coming up and all, and we're trying to figure out a way in. Boom! The door rush comes of tixet holders going in the SAME door as some celebs out there (?uestlove, Natalie Portman of Star Wars, V for Vendetta, Brothers fame, and that 60 minutes chick with the strange winking eye) so security is sorta 'laxed (old "Otis" looking cat). Each entourage ASSUMES we're with the other entourage and we get swept in with the "In" crowd. YES! Take that ticketron/ticket master! Once inside the atmosphere is REALLY 'laxed. The band plays as folks take there seats. The buzz in the air is as if a Fela concert is about to take place (which it almost damn near is). BTW seated behind ?uestlove should earn you SOME money back. Watching a show through the hairs of an Afro is an act in itself let me tell you. I know folks were thinking "Damn, he's giving a standing ovation for EVERYTHING!" NO, I'm just trying to see man. Anyways, besides the actor who's "possessed" by Fela's spirit being GREAT, the dancers & the woman that plays his mother almost steal the show. Watching them doing a "dance cypher" on stage I felt like I was at a Keistar Prod. "Fela vs James Brown" party! It was just that serious! I'm not gonna spoil the whole experience for you, you just NEED to go see the DAMN thing! After the final act. I made a bee line over to the after party where more celebs & the cast would be at just blocks away (Club 48), that bragged about FREE drinks and finger foods, so I took them up on it. Chomp...gulp...& gone! Gotta work tomorrow!

Here's one of the BEST song/dance routines in the whole play "ZOMBIE"

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paul said...

should talk about v for vendetta more great movie

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"