Monday, December 7, 2009

"Brooklyn Bad Boys, Bad Boys! Whachu Gonna Do?" -Brooklyn's Finest Trailer

DUDE! Do you know how SERIOUS this movie is going to be?!? Wait...Did you peep the cast line up? Richard Gere! Don Mother f**kin' Cheadle! Ethan Hawke & God d#@m (I STILL owe the tax man) Wesley Snipes yo! Then you got Brooklyn as the storyline setting! I see an Oscar waiting for the title alone (if they ever started giving them out for titles lol). Mind you this film is directed by Antoine Fuqua (not Fisher) who killed it with Denzel on Training Day. You can count my ticket SOLD for this one already! But ummm, I'm NOT seeing this one in Brooklyn though. Oh HELL no! You know how BK act up! LOL! Peep the trailer. And they BETTER have this song on the soundtrack too.

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