Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Look Before You Leap (Frog)" -Princess & the Frog Trailer

Okay it's 2009(!), well damn near 2010 actually. We have a black President in office, New York's first black Governor, and Orpah STILL rules the air waves! SO what better time for Disney to jump on board, and release their first animated full feature film with an African-American female as a lead. Although I applaud the accomplishment, I had to still think that she (the princess Tiana) got the short end of the "animated stick." For one her love interest is a freaking FROG (?!?) okay! Also in a time where not only are animators moving toward not only computer animation, but 3-D computer animation at that, "Sweet T" here gets the ol' hand drawn 2-D treatment! When was the last time do you remember Disney releasing a 2-D cartoon huh? Even their straight to DVD movies are computerized now! Well besides all that, I do hope it does well at the box office against those odds. At best it'll probably end up being translated to a Broadway musical somewhere down the line (LOL). Best of luck. I say, put your beef aside w/yo baby Momma & make up for some lost time with your daughter and take her to see this. Who knows when it'll happen again?


Anonymous said...

Actually when Disney decided to make this movie they wanted to go back to their roots, what made them great to begin with, 2D animation. It's a far more involved process and they consider it to be better than computer generated stuff.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Thanks for the informative tidbit "anonymous Disney employee", I had no idea why. I don't dislike the format, I was just stating how comp-ani upped the ani (pun intended) that have become the industry norm now. I'm hoping it does well for them (for obvious reasons).

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