Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Tiger On The Loose!" -Hole In (More Than) One.

I was trying my best to avoid chiming in on this but, COME ON Tiger NINE?!? Not that I'm surprised by an on of these new revelations, I'm just shocked that people are awe stuck by the news. If our own damn PRESIDENT (Clinton) got caught doing something like this despite all the Secret Service, hush hush stuff that goes along with that job, what makes people think Tiger would be any different? With money goes power and with power comes a lot of another P word. I find it funny how folks have to condemn his actions publicly (finger wagging), but privately maybe doing the SAME damn thing! I know (David) Letterman would have a field day with this, had he not just admitted doing the same. Ladies come closer, I need you to read this. If you're "dating", "courting", "going out", or "hooking up" with someone of high social stature IE an athlete, public office holder/politician, rock or rap star etc. etc. expect or accept that YOU WILL get that 2am phone call like "Hi (insert your name here), I know you don't know me but, you may have seen my # come up in your man's phone. Well, gaba gaba gaba rah rah rah." You pretty much know the rest right? These dude know what spoils money & fame gets you, and as humans (women say "dogs") greedily take advantage of those opportunities. Some...ummm, most feel "What's the point of being famous/rich if I can't get new/more/a lot of p*#@y?" Some seek fame JUST for that edge alone! Especially when you were an individual not used to "getting any" anyhow! That's fringe! Tiger's NOT going anywhere as along as he's making other people $ trust me. Think, why after all this time chicks are JUST now coming out the "Wood" works? Guys around my way are like "That's my Tigger! It's all good in the Wood." LOL.

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