Monday, December 14, 2009

"What Up My Ninja!" -Ninja Assassin Review

Now I LOVE playing video games just as much as the ("teen trapped in an adult body") next man but spending money to see one on the silver screen is a bit too much for me! I like walking into movies with an open mind but closed wallet. An like songs if it doesn't catch me with the first few "notes" (in this case dialogue) then get me my hat and coat folks! I was hoping this would be a nice return to the Karate flicks of yesterday, but yesterday has passed away, I'm convinced of this. Not to kill it for you but I found it hard to believe that this LONE ninja decides to go against 1,000 year old traditions & teaching for some chick he NEVER was even was intimate with yet! She OBVIOUSLY wasn't feeling him too much cause there's a scene where she attempts to bounce from the temple...compound...whatever you wanna call it, without asking him to tag along. Until he figures "Uh she's been gone to the bathroom PRETTY long huh?" She gets "Pacino'ed" (scar across the face) for not killing a fellow lil' ninja and gets killed by a hood ninja for it. The main character doesn't wild out over this, but when asked to kill someone he doesn't even know only THEN he flips out!!! Come on now Hollywood!!! I'm not a stupid Ninja, I peep the madness. Finally I left thinking what good is a whole damn school of ninjas if they can't even beat one "rogue" ninja? What...ninjas are only good at killing defenseless people who have the lights off? Ninja PLEASE! Btw the way, I DO think the posters pretty dope though. Remember you can't spell "Ninja Assassin" without putting two ASSES in it! The director & the screen writer!

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