Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Put'em On Glass!" -What's Your Favorite "Get Drunk" Songs? Here's My Top 5

Without question, New Year's Eve is the most alcohol influenced nights of all the holidays combined! And at 12 midnight on the dot, folks are ready to let loose! Eager to celebrate their successes of the year past, or toast to future endeavors of the year coming. Or simply just to get "s#@t-faced" and forget EVERYTHING! Anyhow, he's a list of tunes to do all the above (and more) to. And speaking of, I'm SO tired of people using alcohol consumption as an excuse for their loose behavior! If you wanted to leave the club with another dude KISHA, and "french" him down while giving the dude a freakin' "lap dance" (RIGHT in front of me mind you) be honest about it! I f#*%in hate your guts right now! Don't EVER call me! Lose my number, you're dead to me! Ummm, oh er, sorry I was just reminded of a past ummm "situation." Sorry about the random rant folks. My bad. Freakin' slut!

Trey Songz "Say Ahh"

Ron Browz (feat. Jim Jones) "Pop Champagne"

Jamie Foxx (feat. T-Pain) "Blame It"

J-Kwon "Tipsy" (What ever happen to him?)

Gucci Mane "Wasted"

Thurs. Dec. 31st '09 New Year's Eve
the Block Association presents...

@No.1 Front St. -One Front St. (corner of Old Fulton st)
Music by Soundproof Int'l.
(ft. Dj Trauma, Silky Valente, &Will Gates)
the Ahficianados & BKC's DJ Kohey
Admission $40 Going.com/CasinoRoyale09
Door Admission $50
Dress in "award show" style fashion formal attire
Be the "star" not an "extra" this night!

Come on, you already know what it is...

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