Friday, December 11, 2009

"Bush DOES Care About Black People!" -Blame It On The Irish Whiskey

Wait...Did I tell you the other day how I got a call from the "ring leader" Ouigi of the Brooklyn Circus about some casting for a Irish whiskey ad was taking place, come dressed and meet him over at the casting location with L.A. (of the Stylistics Agency)? Well anyways, after we did the casting shoot for the ad, not but a week after we get called back saying we've made it, come down for the actual shoot (with this world renown Brit photog) AND we'll be paid young CA$H money for the day. "Ummm, hello work? I'm not feeling well I'll be in tomorrow!" Feel me? So the shoot was for Bush Mills (yeah we NEVER heard of it either), and their angle was to shoot groups of friends that have a certain energy between them, and look as if they actually drink the stuff. The shoot was damn near the WHOLE day, but trust me I'm NOT complaining. Free food, DRINKS, dope vibe AND pocket money...yeah I can get use to that. Once "the Bush" started flowing so did the jokes, all in all a good time was had. The photog dug us so much we were asked to stay a while longer! Hey, maybe someone's wallet was missing and just wanted us to stick around till it showed up..who knows? Just jokes. Just giving you a heads up if you open up the next Esquire or GQ and you see ya boys posted up in that piece, you'll know the story behind all that. And if it DOESN'T show up Bush Mills WILL get a call from Sharpton trust me on that one! LOL. Btw, Ouigi says to send names to for the BKC's 1st holiday office party NEXT Saturday's blast off!

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Quanla said...

Congrats on your Afro-American Irish Connection AL!!!

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