Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Wings & A Prey" -I'm Just Winging it!

Sorry to bother you with such pettiness but I though you might appreciate a laugh like I did from this restaurant window posting I came across. The first was this one tri-state area chain restaurant Dallas BBQ is pitching, nicknamed in the hood "Dem Yeezy wings!" Who's bright idea was that! From the picture it looks as if you get a bottle of Hennessy surrounded by a plate full o' wings. I'm guessing you have to pour the "Hen Roc" on yourself, much like BBQ sauce. I wonder can you get drunk off of eating chicken wings? Come to think of it, no wonder it's SO LOUD inside of Dallas BBQ spots, Blame it on the Henny!

Ummm, what's WRONG with this picture? Now I have NOTHING against beautiful women (especially ones that look like they just came out the shower) eating delicious fried chicken, but come on now! I think that's a fried baby calf leg from looking at the size of that thing! That's gotta be a pterodactyl wing if you ask me. LOL! No wonder they just show her in a head shot, cause if she can down A TEN PC BUCKET of wings that size...Oh BOY! Look at her eyes too, she's looking like "Yeah you're next buddy, CHOMP!"

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