Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Rap Is Outta (Remote) Control!!"- Hip Hop Quietly Sneak(er)ing On The Tube

Ok Diggy Simmons gets featured in a Verizon (I think I'm correct) commercial, then Kanye's "Power" gets attached to the Social Network (Facebook) trailers (BTW* did you peep 'Ye's cameo on the Cleveland Brown show?). Now THIS?!? Jim Jones AND Rick Ross has sneaker beef?!? LOL! How ironic is it that BOTH artists are featured in two different sneaker commercials huh? Peep how one gets a co-sign from Dame Dash, and the other is backed by Jay-Z...huh!? Jones filmed his on location in Harlem, while Ross's is shot in Brooklyn...curious again? Neither one is shown actually WEARING the product advertised in the commercial too! Hmmm the mystery continues...."Jim Ross" & "Rick Jones" are names of interning PAs that worked on on set of these joints...WOW! I've said TOO much already, you figure this one out on your own homie!

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