Friday, September 10, 2010

"Virgo's Is For Lovers"-We Gon' Party Like It's Ya B'day! TONIGHT has Finally Come Today

Everyday is special to me, and birthdays even more important. Because that means that one more year has past that we're had the pleasure of knowing each other. And creating memories together. So from this Virgo to you, I would like to personally invite you come celebrate another benchmark of my life and the lives of my fellow Virgos.

Happy Birthday;
Nigel "Silky" Walker (9/3) Deffrei " 'frei" Enfermera, (9/9) Keith "Major" Lawrence (9/10) & Myself (9/19) + many many more.

Fri. Sept 10th
The Block Association, Patty Laurent, Nitro, Dan Smalls,
John Vasquez, the Persaud Bros., & Roland Skinner present...
"Virgo's/Fashion Night Out!"
@ Room Service (35 E. 21st St. betwn. Park & B'way)
Ladies FREE, Men reduced on list only till 12am
Music by DJ Goldfinger & DJ Trauma w/Fred "the Animal"
Hosted by "the talented Mr. Silky"
Dress Grammy Style! Tux optional
After party for Calallilal of Brooklyn's Trunk Show
RSVP names to

Did you peep the trailer! I'm sorry but that s**t right there ni**a is HOT as f**k my dude! AVATAR 3D! The FULL "movie" is TONIGHT!


Ms Fabulosa said...

Can you tell me where that soundtrack is from, it's soo dope!

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Oh! It's "War" by the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, look'em up they ARE dope!

Ms Fabulosa said...

AMAZING is more like it.. Def. will try to make it saturday, soo exciting!! Thank you for the reply.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"