Thursday, September 30, 2010

"On His G's & Q's" -This Time Your Vote WILL Count!

Attention folks! I wanna make you guys aware of an important election going on that requires your vote our boy here, Mr. Jimmie Briggs, elected as GQ's prestigious Man of the Year award. Why? Well not only is he just an all around good brother. He is a GREAT MAN who is committed to being a part of the solution. He is an award wining journalist, author and a great father. Jimmie has worked tirelessly to bring attention and stop the atrocities which happen to women, girls and boys around the world particularly Africa and the Middle East. Trust me he DESERVES this award! His organization is an initiative to change the lack of respect & equality women face across the globe and here. The program addresses issues of domestic violence, rape, prostitution and trafficking and the importance of black men being involved to help raise our children. Please vote for him! NOW!


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