Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Bright Lights, Big Pity!"-Pt.1 Of My Vegas Birthday Wknd

I'm a firm believer that instead of reminiscing about the past, one should focus on creating NEW memories! So this year for my birthday, I was pleasantly surprised to a trip to Vegas to getaway for some "electric relaxation." So I quickly packed my stuff (clothes, camera, cash), headed to the airport at a time in the morning where even GOD is still sleeping, disrobed for security (loose change, shoes, belt, watch, wallet, iPhone & iPod) for a 5 hr flight in a tight middle seat between to hefty passengers and treated to CHIPS & A SODA(?!) for sunny Las Vegas. Once we arrived we were greeted by not a car service driver, but the relentless 90+ heat saying "Welcome to Vegas BABY!" Now, I KNOW you've heard almost legendary tales about guys (and girls) drunken adventures out west but today I come to you with a different side of Vegas. A Vegas of yesterday, a Vegas once run but mob money, glitz and glamour, and the home of the Rat Pack and the background for Scorsese's movie classic "Casino!" Sorry to disappoint you but the highlight of my trip wasn't a night of alcohol induced random sex with a bride to be, or a quicky wedding w/some budding Cali model/actress looking to piss off her ex. It was (for me) a walk down (neon) memory lane in awe of all the old huge neon signs that once was the symbolist of Sin City. It was my last day there so we (G 'Ski & I) took a guided tour through "the Boneyard" of the Neon Museum (click on name for info). Now they make up sign some wack waiver not to use the photos taken, but OBVIOUSLY I said f**k it only cause you NEED to know & visit this place on your next trip out there! If not for the history, but also to personal witness the sheer SIZE of these things, they're ENORMOUS! I'd get into the history of the signs but I'll leave that to the experts to do that when you visit. I was scheming on just HOW could I get one of those niffy "M's" back home to BK, but imagine getting THAT through the metal detector!

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