Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.225)

Ok put four DJ's (Trauma, Goldfinger, L, & Will Gates). BAM! Mixed w/two drummers (Fred the Animal & Eric "E") POW! Along w/two Vegas/flamingo style dancers. BONG! Add in a room full of fashionable Virgos with 300+ attendees toasting to life and you have the ingredients of a legendary night! Room service on Fashion Night Out was POPPIN'! Never mind that the Virgos of the Block Association were all collectively celebrating their b'days together AND it was Fashion Night Out, it was just a certain undeniable energy in the air that made Friday night just...well just...DOPE! Before hand we had all agreed to dress up "Rat Pack" style and class up the joint in full tuxs. It WORKED! Especially w/ the Vegas style girls bring attention to the stage where we were seated at enjoying red velvet cupcakes & Grey Goose. Red & grey look good together, so even our table was fashionable I guess! Folks was coming up to me the WHOLE night even before the party got crazy stating it was the BEST time they've had in a while. GOOD! I expected NOTHING less from my team, and neither should you. THANK YOU on be half of the Block Association & my "Room" mates for one of THEE best birthdays I had in YEARS! Next year trust me some sort of concert is going DOWN! Believe that! Oh BTW if you missed it, THIS Wed. (dinner party @ En restaurant 6-10) it the "make-up" OR (Friday night) come out to Room Service again. We got MORE Virgo b'days to celebrate! Ciao' I was to busy partying to take more flicks, my apologies.


Room Service -35 E. 21st St betwn Park & B'way
Music By DJ Goldfinger, Trauma,
Ladies Free admission till 12am (on list ONLY)
Reduced till 1am (on list ONLY)
RSVP names for list to : theMreport@gmail.com

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