Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.220)

ATTENTION:I'm reaching out to ANYONE that may have attended last Friday's B'day party for AJ Calloway (106 & Park /Extra TV) had at Room Service. That night was a total BLUR, and I just wanna know if I acted anywhere out of character that night! I apologized if I may have drunkenly spilled some "loose Goose" on your freshly pressed attire. Or snubbed you we you tried to flag me down to get into "the winner's circle." Or even mistakenly forgot to shout you out on the mic for your B'day for the twelfth time like you asked me ALL NIGHT! Last thing I remember was standing in the booth after AJ handed over his AMEX card to the bar to donate shots to the WHOLE club, and Goldie (or was it Trauma?) threw on "Hot Toddy" that NEW Usher & Jay joint, then it was lights out, all black EVERYTHING for me! LOL! When I came to, I had one shoe off, face down in the drum set, with "THUG LIFE" written in permanent black marker across my abs! WTF!!! And with all that said...I'm READY for this FRIDAY! Join us will in a night of debauchery as we kick-off the long Labor Day weekend with yet ANOTHER unforgettable night of mayhem bringing back parties of legendary status! FYI* Room service is 35 E. 21st St. betwn. Park & B'way & it's $10 before 12am this week. RSVP NOT NEED, it's a holiday weekend. Just show yo ass up and ENJOY! LOL!

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