Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.222)

Riddle me this! What do you get when you put Andre Harrell, AJ Calloway, Alison Hinds, two carnival dances, Fred "the Animal", Stanley Brown, the Haunte Girls, DJ Goldfinger, 'Frei from the Ahficionados, DJ Trauma, John "Ciroc" Vasquez, Patty Laurent, Nitro, the Persaud Bros. and myself in a room full of 350+ mature good looking sexy folks on Labor Day weekend? You get fete' the f**k up! Let me explain just how NUTTY it got folks that by let's say ummm 11:30 half the club was fulled already! Besides an anniversary being celebrated, with a few B'days on top of that, it was LABOR DAY FRIDAY for Pete's sake! The line was iPhone 4 long by 11:00pm with people looking to let GO! And we gave it right to 'em with the constant hits being played. THEN, (hear this s**t) to top things off, why ya girl Ms. "Queen of Soca" Alison Hinds touched the mic, to do her classic hit "Roll it Gal!" much to EVERYONE'S surprise! WOW niiicee! It was definitely one for the books folks. But guess what...THIS FRIDAY it's gon' be BIGGER! Fashion Night Out hits Room Service in a HUGE way. PLUS the Virgo's attack for one enormous b'day party Friday night. Seen.
FYI* I'll be celebrating MY b'day as well earlier this year on this night so...yeah you know the rest.

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