Thursday, September 16, 2010

"In Brooklyn, Absolut Get Yo Chain Took'n!" -The Spirit Of Brooklyn In A Bottle

Time is ALMOST up folks! If you plan on copping that limited edition Absolut Brooklyn that Spike was peddling then NOW 's the time to do it. It WAS to have only a 4 month shelf life but I'm for certain that due to the popularity it may be returning (probably w/ a different flavor more than likely). However word on the streets is that ya boy Jay-Z is next up to get his name attached to a flavored bottle of Abs. Something aged I'm betting (LOL). Names thrown around were "Absolut Jigga", "Absolut Marcy", "Absolut Mr. Knowles", and "Ab Hova" none of these can be confirmed at this point. Anyways for now, here's a video I NEVER knew existed promoting the Brooklyn version embraced the world over. Drink responsibly.

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