Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"It's A LEAP Year! New Year's Eve Is TONIGHT!"- Some Last Minute Goodies For You Kids

Man this year is flying by FAST! It seems like just yesterday that we were 700 deep in Brooklyn toasting the New Year coming in. And now look at it, it's New Year's Eve ALL OVER AGAIN! But wait...you say it's on July? Well then tell that to the 600 folks that RSVP'd for tonight's "CREW LOVE" 4th Anniversary event. I have a feeling that the fireworks for the fourth will be INDOORS this year! LOL! No seriously, TONIGHT is looking type MAJOR as far as the expected turnout for our 4th year celebrating the social life crew called the Block Association aka the Block Boys. And if you've been partying with us since the start YOU KNOW how important tonight will be for us. It' like having a second b'day every year. Anyways indie women's clothing brand RUE 107 will be joining us toasting their anny as well! Their 2nd to be exact. So you KNOW I had to do a remix to the trailer video right! Bad Boy style! Take that take that take that! So there's that below AND today is NEW MUSIC TUESDAY so we're finally releasing the highly anticipated original soundtrack that downloadable HERE! You straight now? Cool! Good, we'll see you guys later TONIGHT!

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