Friday, July 27, 2012

"Oceans Apart From The Competition!" -Frank Ocean Live From Terminal 5

Okay so about a month ago I copped these Frank Ocean tickets with the foresight on knowing that his album was on the way, he was trending at the moment, AND that the show would be SOLD OUT due to his rising popularity.  What I DIDN'T know (and the entire general public for that matter) at the time was that he was about to out himself to the world. Ocean was making WAVES! Not that this changed anything, but it changed EVERYTHING! Support grew, fan base expanded, shows became sold out. However what didn't change, was the purity in his music. I'm a BIG fan of live music, I'm an even bigger fan if the artist I'm seeing is a GREAT one. Frank is NOT great, but he's on his way...patience. So last night I get to Terminal 5 (the concert) venue at 7:15 for a "doors open at 7:00" show only to be greeted by a "Micheal Jackson funeral" long ass line. F**K!!! It's a huge space so I knew once doors opening the length would vanish quickly. As longs as it wasn't raining I was cool. Especially being that I like to people watch anyway, it worked out for me. Got say, that was the BEST LOOKING crowd gathering I've ever seen to attend a concert! A lot of downtown SOHO P.Y.T.'s, a bunch of fashionable "he could or he could not be gay" looking dudes, a mixture of mixed couples, and a TON of white folks! Who looked like they came out cause Tumblr blogs say he's the NEW cool black dude next to Drake, 'Ye, and A$AP Rocky. LOL! Now about the show...I had a couple of problems with it but otherwise it was kinda DOPE! Beside the ANNOYING big chick singing EVERY FREAKIN' lyric LOUDLY in my ear w/ a "YES Frank!" here and there, and the tallest dude in the whole concert that decides to stand in front of me, here are my tangible gripes. For one the band wasn't THAT good. Oh they could play, just not their asses off (no homo) like I've heard other bands play live behind (no homo) other artist. Second thing is, Frank please STOP IT with announcing each and every song you're about to perform man! Trust that you're fans KNOW the tracks and will get hyped once they heard the opening chords of WHATEVER it is you're about to do. SHEESH! It was like a live listening party for the album..."This next song I'm about to do is..." Come 'on dude! And BTW change the opening song. I appreciate the Sade cover but my advice would be to come out to the "No Church In The Wild" track. Not that would've been AWESOME! But ya boy sings the hook on the lesser known one he's on on Watch The Throne...WHO does that? Not mad, but I'm just sayin'.  Now the stuff that rocked was that the crowd was on 10 the ENTIRE show! And his VOICE was just as pure live as expected to be, which is rare in these auto-tune/lip-sync times we live in. Dope! Well that's my review for now, I had plans to bring you back some flicks but they made me check my Canon, so I did you one BETTER, and recorded my favorite song performed. I'm in a giving mood so here...ENJOY bitches (Rick James voice)!

Novacane (live) -Frank Ocean by Alanzo Dale
Swim Good (live) -Frank Ocean by Alanzo Dale
Strawberry Swing (LIve) -Frank Ocean by Alanzo Dale

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