Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"(Block) Boys To (MADE drinks) Men!" -BBQ Tour Around The City

Okay I'm not sure if you heard or not but MADE drinks stepped to us (the Block Association) and said "Look we've been hearing about your EPIC daytime events around the city, and we want IN on the action!" So as of last week, we've become the NYC ambassadors for this latest and (rather tasty) organic juice to hit the market. We joke now that we're the "NEW Juice Crew!" So what does that exactly mean for us now? Well besides introducing it into the nightlife lifestyle, (which we successfully did for our "CREW LOVE" anniversary July 3rd @Ajna) by pairing it up with different spirits as an alternative chaser to your drink of choice (Vodka, preferably). And taking the MADE product of "field trips" like we did last Saturday to various BBQ's to get a "lips on" opinion.  I'm guessing it was a HUGE hit by the sheer amount of empty bottles laying around afterwards, once we generously handing out cases of the stuff around town. So aside for seeing it at all our upcoming events we have ("High Definition" @Butter on EVERY Friday, our "Sky's the Limit" roof top party @Copacabana Sun. July 29th, and other future stuff) we'll be working our exclusive events for the product itself (IE viral videos, a roof top BBQ, bike ride/picnic, etc.) WHEW! So hit the team up on our Facebook group and give congrats, cause we're going from (Block) Boys to MADE (drinks) Men! LOL! Hit MADE drinks up too while you're at it! See you guys at BUTTER (w/ host AJ Calloway) Friday okay!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics as always. I just wish you had alittle more male eye candy.

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