Friday, July 27, 2012

"The Survival Guide On How To Attend a Block Association Roof Top Party" -For Mature Audiences Only!

Let's start with the basics, first of all did you RSVP? Let's just get that outta the way to begin with. 10x out if 10 it's a Facebook invite floating around on-line or an e-mailed flier with all the deets attached sent to your personal email account. Got it? When you reply IF and when you decide to come, be as detailed as possible. Full names, # of guests, bottle service, private celebration (b'day, graduation, etc.) attending with panties or none (just joking...but seriously not). Most important the NAME of the event as well usually we'll have more than one thing going on, so that helps.

Questions about "what's the age requirement" shouldn't even be asked at this point and time any more! Why? Because the legal age to get into any club is 21 if it's serving alcohol...Period! Besides we don't party with kids. This is not a baby shower so leave the young ones with their dad! Of age and forgot your ID? Oh well, see you at the next one! Can't help ya on that one buddy, real talk!

Someone recently asked "Is there a dance floor?" Not a dumb question but not the brightest either. That person obviously NEVER been to a Block Association event! We turn couches into dance floors even if there is none! LOL.

Ok now on to the important stuff, the DRESS CODE! Let's start with the men this time. Ok we shouldn't be having this discussion with grown ass men, but I'm just puttin' on those that are "newbies" to our movement. Here's how s**t goes...NO BOOTS! What are you a trucker? You just came straight from your construction job to the party? NO NEGRO NO! It's not happening! NOT on my watch! Use those boots to kick rocks somewhere else kiddo! This is not a Naughty by Nature video set. Beside standing on couches in Tims is a "no bueno" look chump. NO SHORTS! Unless you can pull off the "Carlton" from the Fresh Prince look DON'T DO IT! Yeah it's summer and we DO like shorts but you BETTER be a chick with a mean stinker to get in with those buddy! And since you're not...*D.O.A.* NO T-SHIRTS! Well we'll make exceptions IF and only if you're rocking a summer blazer over it. It can come off if it's warm, but AT LEAST start off fresh homie! You'll be needing that blazer to hide those pits stains anyways...LOL! NO HATS or JERSEYS! How old are we now? Unless you're playing for the team that you're rocking...F**KOUTTAHERE! Don't even come on the BLOCK of the event with that s**t! You've already embarrassed yourself, don't drag US down with you! Lastly NO FAKEASSNESS! Meaning don't come thinking an outfit composed of shoes with the LV print ALL over 'em, a Fendi belt w/ the "F" and Gucci bucket hat is "DOING IT!" It just MAY all be real (highly doubtful) but already doing WAY too much. Seriously! The women that attend our events HAVE $, impress them with a drink (or a bottle, go head you a baller RIGHT?) sent to their table playboy. That arm grabbing w/ "What's good shorty?" will get you a swift ticket right back outside looking up at the roof...from the sidewalk view. Frei speech!

Now on to the ladies! You're been doing a GREAT job so far, but as Drake says "I'm just sayin' you can do better!" HOW? I'm glad you asked, cause I'm about to tell you. NO TIGHTS AS PANTS! Unless you're about to flash mob dance or you ACTUALLY have the body for it, stay clear from this on-going trend! Fo' realz! Some of your "peers" mess thangs up for EVERYBODY, so it's banned altogether.  This is not Black (girl) Swan the movie! NO FREAKIN' FLIP FLOP / FLATS! I shouldn't have to explain why, and if I do...DON'T COME! Suffer like a real woman would! Keep 'em in the bag till the VERY END! And FYI if you're deciding to attend "commando" aka panty less PLEASE (I can't stress this enough) inform us in advance (to with a Facebook profile picture. Just cause...we like to know stuff like that. DUH!

Final notes is: Get there EARLY! The WHOLE entire Earth is coming out Sunday, so don't show up late thinking you cute hoping to get a table and bottles...again DOA!

YES! Food will be available to order, but that DOES NOT by any means invite every fat chick you know! It's not FREE food! Service WILL be a lil' slow due to the sheer amount of orders being placed so BE PATIENCE!

ALL exits are FINAL! Don't try to go rescue your "mans and them" or your BFF at the door cause you'll be right outside with them...Looking UP!
Parking is FREE on Sundays around the area but GOOD LUCK finding a space.

C, E, or 1 train to 50th St is your best bet.
The space holds about 500 but we're probably doing 600 EASY that day...EARLY! 
If you see an ex there at the event leave her alone! She with the Block now, her life is better this way.

YES Reggae, Soca, Hip-Hop, R&B, and even SLOW JAMS will be played eventually through out the night! So PLEASE do not disturb the DJs unless it's to say "Hey you're doing a GREAT job!" or "I have a check for you, who do I make it out to?" or maybe even After party at my house, come scratch ME!" (ladies ONLY that last one)

Name & guest amount # to OR

See you guys TONIGHT at "High Defintion Fridays" @BUTTER 12PM-4AM 

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