Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 292)

YOOOOOO! What a way to celebrate a anniversary huh?!? Every time I think back to Tues. night I can't help but to sing the Jefferson's theme song in my head ("Well we moving on up..."). I had a feeling it was gonna be good, but DAMN yo! That was the biggest gathering of the most beautiful people I've ever seen since the REAL NYE party we had in December! Real talk! The women were truly spectacular! Am I lying fellas? It's was like a high society Hollywood event without the bourgeois-ness. A real down to Earth type party vibe, that you WOULDN'T expect for a party with that much buzz around it.  Now don't let the button downs, and silk ties fool you! As Beyonce' "We like to PAR-TAY!" Only complaints was the damn heat in that b***h! I was like one HUMONGOUS yoga class of dressed up people! Plus the bar got a lil' overwhelmed, but HEY! What do you expected when you have over 700+ ppl all in one space?  Raise you hands if you answered "ZOO" You are correct! It was hard not to shed a tear, and be humbled by the support & LOVE shown for this 4th year benchmark. I was like watching your first born graduate from college.  Not to get all "emo" on you guys but YEAH the whole team was touched by the massive turnout. Give yourself an applause. But this is just the beginning my dude. We're lining up the rest of the YEAR to be as fresh and fly as we're making the summer. Speaking of summer, save-the-date for us. Starting Friday the 13th . We're doing a joint venture EVERY FRIDAY @Butter (415 Lafayette Street) with AJ Calloway (106 & Park, Extra), DJ Jon Quick (Superhero DJ, 107.5 WBLS) and Suave. NO COVER for ladies! Can you do that for us? Hope to see you opening night! Till then be nosy and see what and who you missed by doing WHATEVER you were doing that wasn't as important as spending it with us! LOL! Oh yeah S/O to Chris Faust & DJ Jon Quick for the photos I was WAAAAY to busy to flick these. Thanks to ALL the hosts for the night, guest DJs (DJ Goldfinger, DJ Jon Quick) and MADE drinks for making us the "new Juice Crew!"

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