Monday, July 23, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 294)

YOOOO! Who the HELL opened the flood gates last Friday? How in the world the second night of "HIGH DEFINITION FRIDAYS" is BIGGER than the freakin' grand opening? No don't get it twisted, I'm not mad AT ALL! Just...well... just overwhelmed that NYC has elected us as the one's to f**k with when it comes to celebrating their life events (IE B'day, graduation, bachelor/bachelorette, going away. etc, party). It's restaurant week so we had to open the doors a lil' later (11:30)  but in the half hour of pushing back the time, we were STILL were almost at cap by 12:00!!! AGAIN, I'm not mad just (say it with me) OVERWHELMED! Not to get all "EMO" and s**t but real talk, I just have to be in awe of the success the Block Association has been having thanks to the strongly supportive & beautiful crowd that attends every week. Let's keep the great vibe rocking. Now here's pics from our second only night @BUTTER with guest DJ / honorary "Block Boy" DJ Goldfinger on the set sparring with DJ Jon Quick over crowd control.  S/O to our promotional partner AJ Calloway for the two bus loads of party goers that came up from Philly to hang out with us! And the Chi girls that set off the dance floor EARLY! See ya'll THIS FRIDAY, back at the scene of the crime, w/ DJ Goldfinger once again! He's SO nice we had to book 'em TWICE! LOL! Oh s**t almost forgot to big up Joyal McNeil for the HUGE b'day guest she brought out...CRAY! RSVP for THIS (or ANY) Friday NOW!

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