Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"When Life Hands You Lemons..." -Photos For The 2nd Leg Of Our MADE Drinks Tour

"We on award tour with Carlito my man, goin' each and every place with MADE drinks in our hands, New York, NJ, N.C., VA (right true)...We on award tour with Gary my man, goin' each and every place with lemonade in our hands Oaktown, L.A., San Fran, St. John" -ATCQ

This past Saturday and Sunday we took our partnership with MADE drink even further (literally) since we're now "going steady" across state line to introduce the brand to our peers and fellow taste makers down I95. Saturday we jumped in the whip and took our asses out to BlackLight Ent.'s mansion party celebrating their joint venture with GOT GAME! magazine. Let me tell you, the spot was WAVY! Well worth the hr. and some odd mins. it took us to get there only to realize we were DUMB early! To to kill time till things popped off, we stuff our collective faces with the tasty burgers and dogs being served...did I mention it was FREE? YO, the back patio pool area was damn near bigger then some clubs/lounge I've seen in NY...NO lie! LOL. After we laced damn near er 'body at the entire event with our refreshing 'made, we high tailed it outta there to make two BBQ's back in BK. Besides when needed to get some rest in to head back down the NJ Turnpike to attend our Philly (Status) associates daytime brunch event "Sunglasses & Advil" (@Gigi's on Market & 3rd). AGAIN WAVY!!! A ton of contacts got exchanged and new friends got "made" (get it MADE) that day and it made us stop and realize "Life is Good" just Nas said it was. Hopefully ALL our new friends from BOTH days will be coming up to NYC this weekend, to get a REAL MADE experience at either our weekly Friday joint "High Definition Fridays" (hosted by AJ Calloway @Butter) upcoming roof top event "Sky's the Limit" this Sunday (July 29th) @ the Copacabana! DON'T say you didn't know about any one of those joints I just mention. You's a lie. Just remind yourself about send them RSVP's in ASAP! pronto...NEXT STOP on the MADE tour will be S.O.B.'s Mon July 30th for America's Next Top Producer competition! See ya'll Friday...or Sunday...or Monday...or ALL 3! FYI Yes, that IS Marsha Ambrosius pictured in the Philly day trip photos below. She was giving away tix to a show of hers.

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