Monday, November 29, 2010

"Class(y) Picture Day!" - Flashing Lights/ Anniversary Flicks

Now HOW could you miss both Pt.1 AND Pt. 2 of our private penthouse photo shoot "Flashing Lights" parties huh?!? This time around the Block Assoication collabo'ed with the always fashionable Elle Mortlock of to host her blogs 2nd year Anniversary! And let me tel you folks it was a GOOD look up in that piece EARLY! The event was only from 8-1am anyways but you'd sware it was a late night affair the way folks came through looking laser sharp. Anyways here's some of my selceted flicks that fashion photog Kwesi Abbensettes took of some of our well dressed attendees. You can spot some Block members and myself in a few too. Here the link to view even more "FLASHING LIGHTS" (pt.2)

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