Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Thanksgiving Happy Meal" -Camille McDonald Joins The Party!

You guys DO remember this pleasantly looking young lady right? NO? Well to refresh your short term memory, pictured to your left is none other than the inspiring (and aspiring) model Camille McDonald who was made publicly famous on that iconic Tyra Banks show America's Next Top Model. Well long story short, THIS FRIDAY (Nov.26th) at Room Service she's decided to host her actual b'day there along with Deon Grant & friends (of the NY Giants) that night too! BLACK FRIDAY the Block Association will join the team of Patty Laurent, Dan Smalls, the Persaud Bros & Alanzo Dale. to finish off the week strong! Last time the Block invaded Room Service for their huge Virgo B'day bash folks were talking about it for WEEKS on end! So you can only imagine what will go down on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND...LORD! Here's the deets folks:

Friday Nov.26th (BLACK FRIDAY)
the Block Association invades
Room Service Fridays
Room Service -35 E.21st St. bewtn Park & B'way
Hosted by NY GIANTS Deon Grant & Friends
Music by DJ Trauma & DJ Goldfinger
FREE for ladies on RSVP list ONLY till 12am $10 till 12:30
Guys $10 before 12am
***UPDATE JUST ANNOUNCED*** Open Belvedere Bar 10-11pm
RSVP names to theblockrsvp@gmail.com
subject: I NEED ROOM!

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