Friday, August 24, 2012

"Get Into The Party Life" -Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, & Mike Morrow! NEW Editions To The Block Assocition's Event List

Alright, my fellow "nightlife activist" as we get closer to the weekend I keep getting mo' and mo' GOOD news to share with you guys that's been SO supportive of the Block Association's wavy movement! By now I'm sure that you've heard via the NY Times, Facebook, and or this new trending thing called the Internet (hope I'm spelling it right) that our gig  "Hi-Definition" @Butter is kaput, wrapola, dunzo, dead and stinking, correct? However you know the ol' saying "When one door closes another opens" right? Well not only did we land another sexy spot to present to those looking to celebrate a life event at on Fridays (details and GRAND OPENING soon come) we ALSO are in the process of locking down a spot for Target's 1st Sat. after party / Labor Day Sat. (Sept. 1st) to present "F**k Yo (Bloodclot) Couch!" like we did last year! Pure AWESOMENESS! But wait, there's MORE! Sunday Sept. 2nd we'll be hosting w/MADE drinks a daytime party ("M.A.D.E. In America") out in Philly with Philadelphia Status Brand's Michael Morrow! NO plans that Sunday feel free to join us on a day trip down i-95 to rep NYC with us. Here's details to the event HERE. DJ Trauma as well as DJ Aktive (Kanye's DJ) will be behind the wheels with Silky hosting. Oh and don't mind the "SOLD OUT" notice just hit us @ to let us know you rocking out (3pm-8pm) with the crew. Jay-Z has that HUGE concert (Made In America show) going on out there at the SAME DAMN TIME so it should be nutso out there! Lastly Friday Sept. 14th for ONE NIGHT ONLY we'll be at Pranna hosting "VIRGO'S NIGHT OUT" the yearly collective b'day celebration for Block members Deffrei "Frei Speech", Nigel Walker "Silky Valente' ", Keith "Major", and myself Alanzo "Danny Ocean" Dale!!! ALL other Virgos are more than welcome to join in on the fun. So there it is on a china plate, eat up! Here again are the other events I've posted happening as well...

Sun. Aug 26th "SKY HIGH!" -Our 4th daytime roof top brunch party Pastel /Neon dress themed event @Midtown 1015 3pm-11pm RSVP here or there (

Sat. Sept 8th "SPREAD LOVE Festival" -Summer finale block party w/ live music & DJs, produced by Vodou Lounge, the Block Association & friends 12pm-8pm FREE (of course)!
Located on the block of Halsey St. betwn Nostrand & Marcy

Sept. 23rd "SKY FALL"-Our 2nd only roof top event @ the Copacabana, but our 1st of the Fall! Yet ANOTHER classy rooftop brunch party that will take NYC social life even HIGHER! 3pm-11pm NO COVER more details as event gets closer!

Sept. 30th "ROCK & BOWL" -You helped us RULE the summer this year with both our events AND the success of MADE drinks! So the Block Association felt it was only right that we rewarded you with a NO COVER NO CHARGE (for bowling ONLY) daytime bowling sporting event back at Chelsea Piers 300 LANES! Yeah the same spot we took over for our 600ppl + Super Bowl party! 'Member how WAVY that was?

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