Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paprazzi Pics (Pt. 297)

WOWZERS! NO lie, this was the BEST LOOKING female turnout we've had ALL summer! Not to say that the other affairs we held were straight Westminster Dog Shows but DAYAM! My neck STILL hurts from all the turning around it was doing! Freakin' "Exocist" out this b**ch, fa real yo! It was like a box of curvy fruit colored popsicles walking around in that motherf**ker, man listen! I don't think ya'll hear me! Just read what was being written on Twitter:

"My b***h bad, looking like a bag a Skittles! ( voice) She bad, she bad bad! ( adlibs) "SKY HIGH" pastel/neon day party!

"So go ahead, go nuts, go apeshit 'Specially in my PASTEL, on my Bape shit, Act like you can't tell who made this () "

"So many colors on the rooftop, Kaleidoscope!" ( voice) "He thinks he’s ballin' but he ain't the Block!" ( voice)!"

And that was just by us alone (LOL)!  Give yourselves a round of applause (hand clap, booty clap, your choice) you guys did a FANTASTIC job! The guys...eh, not so much. But KUDOS to the fellas that stepped it the f**k up and man up'ed to rocking light colors! Hope you got rewarded with some chicks #'s for your bravery. Hahaha! Anyways moving on we have not one, not two, but THREE events for you this long holiday weekend! See details below...*FYI we're BACCCKKK at Deity for 1st Sat in Brooklyn event "F**k Yo (Bloodclot) Couch!" the Labor Day Edition! No flier yet, but it soon come ya hear!

We about to start a RIOT!!! NEW FRIDAY NIGHT event to get excited about! GRAND OPENING THIS FRIDAY! "New Jack City" -J'Adore (37 W.17th St) NO COVER for ladies ALL night!
Bottle specials. (These are all in , tax & gratuity)
2 for 350 or 400 (our choice) all in 750 size ciroc and goose b4 12
2 ciroc or goose $550 all night / free rose champagne and hooka b4 1am
2 Henny or patron. $600 all night / free rose champagne and hooka b4 1am
2 rose. $550 all in all night
2 veuve $400 all in all night

Let it LABOR DAY celebrating begin NOW!

Philadelphia Status Select: M.A.D.E in America Day Party
In true Philadelphia Status fashion, join us Labor Day weekend for the M.A.D.E in America day party experience at The Secret Garden. 
This is an opportunity for tastemakers, party goers and people that just want to chill and listen to good music can go and get away from the traffic of the festival.  Make no mistake, this is a party, so come ready to play!   

Philadelphia Status
Join me in welcoming our Brooklyn family!  The Block Association has a stellar reputation from producing some of the largest most quality events in New York City.  Philadelphia Status.com welcomes this group of gentlemen in hosting our Labor Day weekend "M.A.D.E in America" Day Party!  
Age: 21 and Over (25+ preferred) 
Date: September 2nd 2012
Location: 1436 South Street Philadelphia Pa 
Time: 3pm-8pm
Dress Code: Summer Chic
Cost: Free with RSVP before 4pm ($10-$15 after)  
Food:  Philadelphia’s best Caribbean food!  (Buffet is avalible at a $15.00 seperate cost on site)   
Entertainment: DJ Aktive Hosted By The Block Boys
Important Info: Our event is not in partnership with the Budweiser festival.  
Contact: Michael Morrow: mmorrow@philadelphiastatus.com

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