Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Head High, Heels Too!" -Candid Photos Of Stiletto University

About I would say a good month ago, I was requested to take part in filming footage for a woman empowering march in Bed-Stuy for none other than power of attraction magnate Shanel Cooper-Sykes. Her motivational endeavour Stiletto University based out of Harlem felt it was time to take the "movement" to BK, and she wanted me on hand to capture history in the making! Not only did I agree to taking on the project because of it's positive intentions, Who could say NO (!) to spending the day with a group of diversely attractive women in heels? WHO? I was as I said earlier originally hired to just be a videographer, but in the down time I snapped these behind the scenes candid flicks for her team bonding sessions.  She dug 'em SO much I got called back to shoot her upcoming book covers (4) just last Sunday! Wanna know more about this AMAZING woman? Click and do ya research HERE. Till then peep me at work getting BIZZY!

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