Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 295)

I'm going dedicate this one to all those that ignored the e-mail invites, forgot to RSVP, attended another event, let the rain deter them, came out too late, was out of town, that didn't come dressed correctly, or just plain missed it from not even KNOWING about it at all!  No other way to to say this softly but...YA BLEW IT! Our (the Block Association) roof top collabo w/ BlackLight Ent. was by far the BEST roof top party so far (we're not done yet) this year! And anyone who attended will testify to this claim with NO problems! Doors opened at 3:00, by 4-4:30 it was at the half way filled mark bulls**t! I had seriously thought the rain was gonna defeat our purpose but NO! No one in their right mind was missing THIS! NO ONE! And I gotta say you guys looked GOOD. It was like a plane flew over the roof top and crop-dusted the party with "ratchet repellent" LOL! As expected, cause we're all grown folks now correct? If you took the time to check the invites previewing the look of the venue, you would've know better than to come dressed like it's cousin Junior's backyard BBQ party. I told cats WAY in advance that if you didn't look right you'd be looking up...from the sidewalk outside didn't I?!? But enough about the folks that DIDN'T make it in. Let's get back to the beautiful ones that DID! Once the Sun came back out, so did people spirits. We retracted the roof and bottles sales started going THRU it! Hahaha true story. Oh and let me tell you about the MUSIC! The crowd got treated to a turntable duet between DJ Trauma & "the 11th hr. man" DJ Goldfinger, going back and forth ripping the dance floor a completely NEW factory shipped a**hole w/ Silky Valente' doing crowd control. It was so (say this with me now) WAVY!!! So other than security having an issue with the spontaneous couch surfing competition, and some sorry cat showing up at the door in his PJ's looking for his preowned "BMW" (baby momma/wifey), the event was a smash hit! You hear me? A freakin' SMASH! Who's ready for the NEXT one? Well until then we have "HIGH DEFINITION FRIDAYS" @BUTTER (415 Lafayette St.) w/ host AJ Calloway er' week 11:30pm-4am and THIS SATURDAY (Aug.4th) for ONE NIGHT ONLY we're coming home to Brooklyn baby to Deity (368 Atlantic Ave.) for "HOMECOMING" a special edition Bklyn Museum 1st Saturday after party toasting celeb stylist Vernon Scott's b'day! WORD!

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