Thursday, August 16, 2012

"That S**t CRAYOLA!" -Summer Finale "SKY HIGH!" Rooftop Party Guide

Man WHERE did the freakin' time GO?!? It seems like just last week I was shopping for swimming trunks and BAM! It's about to be Fall all over again! SMDH! Well, that only means that we (as in the Block Association) need to do one LAST rooftop BANGER to close out the season nicely. Correct? Okay so remember about two months ago we collaborated with the nightlife pioneers Showcase Ent. to do a history making all white rooftop party that STILL has the streets buzzing? Well guess what, we're returning to the scene of the crime to body Midtown 1015 once again, with yet ANOTHER dress theme event that I'm sure will be copied for years to come. For SOME odd freakin' reason folks had a HARD time pulling off something as simple as an ALL WHITE dress code (duh?!?). So this time we going in the opposite direction, with summer fresh colors. Think pastels AND neon colored hues when you're shopping to attend this, or get stuck the f**k outside like the last one. These colors are IN, so you should have NO PROBLEM or excuses finding something to wear. Otherwise stay yo color blinded ass HOME! We'll be turning folks away just like at the "Vanilla Sky" event! I sh** you not! Square biz fam. American Apparel has racks on racks on racks of this stuff! On SALE at that! Use these two links HERE & HERE if you fell off ya crayon memories of coloring books. LOL! You've been fairly warned so use the weekend to do all the shopping you need! It's a NO COVER (w/rsvp) event so spend that cash on a outfit for yourself. Here's the details AND a preferred color guide courtesy of the Minority Report.

Block Association +  Showcase Ent. +Empire Entity Present    
"Sky High"  The All Pastel's Day Party   
"Color Me Badd" and 4th Edition Brunch Rooftop Series. 
@ Midtown 1015 -1015 Second Ave bet 53rd St. and 54th St.

Date: Sunday August 26 , 2012
Event starts: 3pm-11pm  ( Day Party ) 
Music by: DJ Trauma Danny Ocean
Hosted by: The NEW Juice Crew
MC: Silky Valente
Sponsored By: MADE DRINKS
Dress code: Your at your absolute f**kin' BEST!  Prefer ed colored attire for the event.

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