Thursday, December 1, 2011

"It's Been A Good Run...Marathon!" -NYE "Crew Love" Teaser

Damn this year just FLEW pass huh?!? But if you didn't make the best of it then you can only blame YOURSELF! In 2011 NYC witnessed the birth of the Block Boys burst onto the social scene. A group of positive well dressed brothers, comprised mostly the male members of the Block Association, with two new close friend editions (Cory Brown & Carlo Lahens). We helped revitalize a social circle void for working class well to do fashionable folks looking to party young among mature peers. Between EVERYTHING from house parties to day time roof top affairs, to Monday night dinner parties, I will humbly say "mission accomplished!" Hands down, this year was the MOST fun I've had in my adult life EVER! But we have some time left to go. Which brings me to this...New Year's Eve. Through heavy buzz and hard work, we've secured one of the best looking and largest venues in Brooklyn to host our yearly NYE event this year! I can't wait for you to see it! But for now here's a "Thank You for the love" video that I made to help you place the names with the faces of the Block. NONE of this is possible with out you. Beso! RSVP your name (subject: NYE Not Your Everyday) to get 1st dibs on a limited supply of discounted NYE tix at our "THANK YOU" early bird price.

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