Friday, December 23, 2011

"Yes, Penguins CAN (Be) Fly!" - Funky Fashion Forward Tux Alternatives

Okay, I did one posting for the ladies, so it only seems fair if I also made positive fashion suggestions for the guys too right? Besides it seems like some dudes (no names mentioned, to protect the ignorant) wouldn't have a clue even if the good ol' detective Sherlock Holmes (That was a good movie BTW) himself helped them out! So this is where I come in. I curated some images I found within the World Wide Web that would showcase mixing classic cuts with more modernized styles and updating the traditional tuxedo look. And while I have you attention, FYI we STILL have some remaining tix for our huge black tie affair "Franklin & Dean" happening in Brooklyn on New Years Eve at $45 till Mon. Dec. 26th which is the SAME day as our last "Prim & Proper" dinner party for the year at Hotel Chantelle! If you're bold & adventurous enough to pull off these look we applaud you for being the taste maker that you are. Salute'

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