Friday, December 9, 2011

"Give Me Some Skin Friend!" -The Skin I Live In Review

Man! What can I REALLY say about this film? Well first off it's the most bizarre movie I've ever seen since that scene on Pulp Fiction where Bruce & Ving gets raped in that hill billy pawn shop! Yep, it's THAT weird left field sh** that slightly believable only cause we've heard weirder s**t on the news. Anyway without given too much of the plot away, Puss in boots...sorry Antonio Banderas plays a highly respected, well paid doctor who's lost everything and is trying to play God by getting it all back. Experimenting a new skin grafting technique that uber controversial in his field. But that's just the surface stuff. The movie covers EVERYTHING from rape (twice in the movie), murder, adoption, abandonment, kidnapping, voyeurism, egotism, over parenting, and THEN some! If you don't leave the theater with your jaw wide open then you walked into the WRONG film my friend! Check yo ticket stub! This is by far one of the strangest twist I've ever encountered watching a film...and I applaud! I'm giving this 4 1/2 M's outta 5!

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Miss T said...

uhm, 5 M's being the WORST right?

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