Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Release The Kraken!!!"- Full "Franklin & Dean" -New Year's Eve Celebration Trailer

I didn't realize just how MANY events the Block Association produced and collaborated on this year till I started working on this video promo piece! HOT joints at that too! But for those who've been living under a social rock all year, or just moved or visiting town for the end of the year festivities I thought it would be dope to have a visual resume' to refresh our supporters (and ahem...haters alike) on just why they NEED to end off a beautiful socially spectacular year we've had with us for New Year's. The good news is not only are we continuing the tradition of hosting our New Year's Eve event in Brooklyn, but this will be the LARGEST and BEST venue yet! Those familiar with KAI studio knows that this space is the perfect setting to start the new year off among friends old & new (drunk ones). The Block has pulled out the stops and spared NO expense to make this one even more memorable than the others pass. Anyways, here the 2nd hot off the presses video promo trailer I've been slaving over for the last 24 hrs. Enjoy & attend!

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