Thursday, December 29, 2011

"3...2...1...LIFTOFF!" - Final Countdown To New Years Eve! All Things Franklin & Dean, NYE

Okay folks we are almost down to the wire! 2 days and a couple of hrs till 2012 and the historically large black tie event about to happen in the great city of Brooklyn! So question, are you straight with tickets? Have you gotten or even MADE your outfit yet? Comfy shoes? Gotcha ride or car service squared away? COOL! Then for those of you that don't cause you got caught up with all the holiday shopping, then here's the COMPLETE LISTING of all things "Franklin & Dean" NYE event to fill yourself in and be up to speed.

KAI Studio located on Dean St. (1011 to be exact. betwn. Classon & Franklin)
It's NOT a club but an event space, that's considered one of Bklyn's best kept secrets. It boasts two spacious floors (one over looking the other), 30 ft. ceilings w/ draped walls, all white interior, back wall bar and platformed seating area for a party of 12. Here's a link BONG! so you can get a better idea of the space as well as pictures I took posted below. When you attend and see it first hand, it will make PERFECT sense to you just why we decided to host it there.

the B48 Bus runs down both Classon and Franklin (even though I highly doubt you'll be coming by bus). the C or shuttle train to Franklin Ave. with a four block walk will get you the closet by train. Or splurge and take a cab. You deserve to arrive in style right! Make sure you have a # on the way home too...LOL!

the MUSIC:
The DJs we have lined up to play are Freelikefrei aka Frei Speech (the Ahficionados), DJ Trauma (Soundproof Intl.) and a cameo appearance set by DJ CEO (Influence Series) We'll be rotating DJs throughout the night playing EVERYTHING from Top 40 Pop, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Kompa, Soca, & even Slow Jams at the end of the night! WEAR COMFY SHOES! You've been warned!

the LOOK:
The crowd will be a mixed crowd. Ages 24+ to 40+, 80% Black 10% white 10% other. And even though we're pumping "1930's Prohibition, Black Cotton Club" motif, super uber upscale is what we're going for (as always) if you can do it on a damn Monday night for Prim & Prop, then NYE should be NO problemo...CORRECT? Fellas NO jeans etc etc. Ladies NO tights/leggings! Get it right or get it outta here! Tickets are VOID if the dress code is not adhered to. This IS NYE step it up folks!

The Franklin & Dean  Bottle Specials are: $135 -Southern Comfort, $170 -Bombay Sapphire, $125 -Appleton Jamaican Rum, $120 Nuvo Lemon Sorbet!  is about $225-$250 Ciroc / Gray Goose, Moet $175 or so.
That's all for now, unless you have questions ( Otherwise HAPPY NEW YEAR! And THANK YOU for the love and support you gave to make this a memorable year!






Anonymous said...

What about panty-hose? Please don't let me freeze with bare legs and frozen toes :-)

Anonymous said...

The party had good potential but was kinda disappointing. Who throws a nye party at a venue w/2 bathrooms and 2 bartenders!? In addition capable bouncers is a necessity particularly on nye.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

We appreciate the critique, however understand that we can NEVER fully foresee attendance AND issues that may arise. Our motive is to place folks in a visually pleasing venue in Brooklyn (which is rare to begin with) that can hold a feasible amount of people (another rare feat). Though your points are valid, also ask yourself WHY would we intentionally invite people out to inconvenience them? Especially when we value our brand. Please be patience as we grow. Comments like, it's too hot, the line is too long, the bar is too crowd are FOREVER going to be problems with you get such I a LARGE attendance as we do. Venues never prepare correct for the turn out. With the one last night, can you blame them? 600+ppl But we are sorry about your disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with the previous poster. Last night's event was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Yes, the space was beautiful, but as professional event planners your explanation for the lack of facilities and staff don't fly. You knew how many tickets you would potentially sell and you knew how many people have attended your past NYE parties... you should have anticipated your numbers and realized 2 bathrooms are NOT enough... even if you only had 200 people nonetheless 600+. Basically, you should have passed on the space... no matter how fly it was. No amount of visual stimulation can make up for the all the glaring limitations in the space and planning. Your lack of bartenders and door staff were also absolutely unacceptable. Oh and VIP... an absolute joke. Get it together guys... you lost a lot support from many of us last night

Anonymous said...

I also concur with the past comments that the NYE party was a MAJOR LETDOWN! What is even more disappointing is the blogger's response. I agree that the space was gorgeous but you all knew when you booked the place that it could hold upwards of 500 people and at that point, a light bulb should have gone on reflecting that 2 bathroom stalls would NOT accomodate the number of people. For that alone, this space should have been ruled out! Period! In addition, I personally saw the guest list and there were at least 250 people (I am being generous here) that you knew were coming. With that list, a conversation should have been had with Kai Studios to make sure that adequate staff were in place to facilitate the function. 2 bartenders, 1 person at the door, 1 coat check attendant, and no VIP security just doesn't cut it and your excuse is just excuse! Furthermore, I personally let two Block boys know what was going on in the so-called VIP section that night. Your guests were so unhappy and felt duped that they paid more and got nothing for it. One Block boy ignored me and the other look annoyed. I understand that you guys were dealing with a lot that night but you are professional event planners. There was no excuse for this mess. Oh and one more thing, another huge disappoinment was watching the Block boys toast with champagne and "live it up" in the DJ booth while the VIP guests looked on without any champagne of their own. Word of advice....hosts shouldn't have fun UNTIL their guests are having fun. I can personally tell you that a lot of people were unhappy and you've lost substantial support. Hopefully, you all work to rectify this wrong! Happy New Year!

Block Member Since '09 said...

ALL your points are valid and there are no "excuse" for your disappointment so WHATEVER this blogger commented back would have still been met with disapproval. Block Association has an email address ( to address your issues with the event NOT this blog forum. That's why I keep my reply brief. Understand if your destination is greatness you HAVE to cross paths with failure at some point in your journey. This is not an overnight sensation. I'am just one extension under the Block umbrella but we collective regret the disappointing turnout just the same as you, if not MORE. Please be patience as we grow AND be as kind to leave a praising comment we you enjoy and event as you do when you won't. New year new goals to reach. Thank you for the feedback good & bad.

thearabstar said...

Open letter to the block association

So after reading theses comments and talking to a couple of people who came at your last party. I just wanted to tell u guys this:
You will always be judge severely by your people, they will not give u a chance for a mistake even a little one. It’s sad to say but very often your own people don't want you to succeed because of jealousy, competition, envy…
The Party was a great look, a couple things happened that u guys couldn't control. Now for the rest learn from the mistakes and apply it to the next event, party. You lost probably a couple of supporters.... but they weren't the real ones because they can't banish you for one party that went wrong. Your supporters will support you no matter what, knowing that you had other great parties, event!! Yes NYE's party is a Huge thing but all of your other event are also great/”excellent”....
For me this party was great for the Block association cuz It reflect the success of the Block!!!!! My Boys are just becoming bigger and famous!!! ;) u just gotta see Bigger!!!!!
Keep making my nights Epic.
PS: let's show them that the Block Boyz didn't say their last word for Gary and Lito's Bday!!!!

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