Monday, December 19, 2011

"Like A Boss B***h!" -Alternative Fashion Ideas For Brooklyn's Largest Black Tie NYE Event!

YES we're promoting this New Year's Eve event as a black tie affair, however that DOES NOT by any means mean that women are excluded from rocking a NEW twist on an OLD classic like the tux too! As a matter of fact we think it would be rather "bossy" to see women attending our Dec. 31st joint in a DOPE variation of what we're asking the guys to sport. How else will we be able to brag on the claim that this will be "the LARGEST NYE black tie event in Brooklyn!" without a lil' help from the ladies right?  Okay so with a lil' creativity mixed with insomnia, I pieced together a "mood board" of shining examples of some female tuxedos that SHOULD put you in the right direction, if you so choose to go that route. Think of it as a "fashion GPS" for New Year's Eve! See you guys in a few days at "Prim & Proper" Monday Dec. 26th our last dinner party of the year, and then at "Franklin & Dean" Saturday Dec. 31st. Grab those tix FIRST, then shop for your outfit PRONTO! Click link and let the celebration begin! Franklin&

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