Monday, December 12, 2011

"(Black) Cotton Comes To Brooklyn!" -Full Details On BK's LARGEST Black Tie NYE Event!

Seems like the clock is tick ticking away and it's like just mere days left till New Years Eve is here! So to help you better prepare for "the Superbowl of holiday parties" I'm going to list in detail all things involving "Franklin & Dean" -the Block Renaissance, the Block Association's (or rather Brooklyn's) LARGEST black tie NYE event! This neatly packaged posting SHOULD answer all your inquiries concerning the most buzzed about event this holiday. Ready? Then let us proceed...

This New Years Eve we've stepped it WAY UP and decided to occupy the venue KAI Studio! It's NOT a club but an event space, that's considered one of Bklyn's best kept secrets. It boasts two spacious floors (one over looking the other), 30 ft. ceilings w/ draped walls, all white interior, back wall bar and platformed seating area for a party of 12. Here's a link BONG! so you can get a better idea of the space as well as pictures I took posted below. When you attend and see it first hand, it will make PERFECT sense to you just why we decided to host it there. Kai Studio is located ON Dean St. (1011 to be exact. betwn. Classon & Franklin) hence the name "Franklin & Dean" which sounded sexier than "Dean & Classon" LOL! 

Named after a fictional 1930's Prohibition era speakeasy, "FRANKLIN & DEAN" seemed like the right name to title our revamped NYE party moving forward from our usual casino themed ones of years past. The fashionable motif was to be built off of "a blk version on the Cotton Club...but in Brooklyn" Besides, the name also helps folks remember the address too!

the TIME:
Doors open at TEN O'CLOCK sharp people! So that folks can get comfortable and not have to be in a rush to get thru the doors during the Times Sq ball countdown. Departure time will be FOUR AM folks, but we just MAYBE go an extra hour depending on you guys vibe in there.

You can only get tix TWO ways,  on-line through here "Franks & Deans" or here (w/ video into) "Frankie & Dee" at $30 a pop till DEC 16th which is THIS Friday! Physical tix will be on sale SOON available by setting up a "meet-to-purchase" date at  
subject: "NYE-Not Your Everyday Celebration" Those will be sold at $45 a piece. Lastly Monday Dec. 26th will be the LAST "Prim & Proper" of the year! As well as the launching party for the "PRIM & PROPER" site. To be held once again at Hotel Chantelle. As a "gift" to you, we'll have tix (20-30 total maybe) on hand to sell at the original price of $30 for that night ONLY! Gary Jourdain (of the Block Association) will be the point person for all ticket transactions that night.

the LOOK:
Even though we're pumping "1930's Prohibition, Black Cotton Club" motif, super uber upscale is what we're going for (as always) if you can do it on a damn Monday night for Prim & Prop, then NYE should be NO problemo...CORRECT? Fellas NO jeans etc etc. Ladies NO tights! Get it right or get it outta here! Tickets are VOID if the dress code is not adhered to.  You have exactly 20 DAYS to shop till the 31st so get to steppin'! 

the B48 Bus runs down both Classon and Franklin (even though I highly doubt you'll be coming by bus). the C or shuttle train to Franklin Ave. with a four block walk will get you the closet by train. Or splurge and take a cab. You deserve to arrive in style right! Make sure you have a # on the way home too...LOL!

So that X-Mas bonus was looking RIGHT this year huh? And you've been dying to pop off somewhere and get more bang for your buck right? You've successfully made it through another rough year...Hey why the hell not!?! Well here's the Super VIP package that we've set up with the venue.  We have 5 private cabanas available at $2,000 each.  Which works out to less than $300/person.  If you & your guest are looking to celebrating a birthday or just want to "ball out" this would be the way to go! Even for your company / brands this would be a good look.  $1,000 Deposit DUE Dec. 23rd. With balance due by 11:30pm Dec. 31st or your deposit is forfeited.

*** Please Note:  Click on  cabanas  to peep what they'll look like EARLY!
  • Exclusive private seating area on the main floor
  • Each area is outfitted with high end furnishings
  • Dedicated hostess/cocktail waitress to attend to you and your guests
  • 6 bottles of any choice of liquor
  • Complimentary Group Portrait


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