Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Fall HARDER!" -Support Brothers Shooting...Film! 3 Days Left!

People don't support enough positive things. If you're part of that percentage that wants to do SOMETHING worthy with your money besides buying candy from a young kid to help him purchase that basketball uniform he's been working hard toward, then here's a PERFECT opportunity! Close to completing their FOURTH feature, Sunshowah Films needs you to help them reach their goal of 20.000 (3 days left) by donating thru their Kickstarter campaign. Here's the details of why? and where? you can begin...

"...The Harder They Fall"
Nearly twelve years after the death of his mother, and with an ever growing distance between him and his father, 12-year-old Jabari is on the road to nowhere – and fast. After getting kicked out of school and putting his life in danger, Jabari's father, Wayne, decides that the only option is to send his son to stay with his grandparents in Settlement, Jamaica, with the hope that the older couple will have better luck reaching the boy. Will Jabari bridge the gap between his anger over a childhood lost and embrace the young manhood that awaits him, or will his future be lost forever? Follow Sunshowah Films (Daoud Abeid & Dahkil Hausif) and Streetwise Pictures (Kim Jackson) as they travel from the streets of Brooklyn to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica in a coming of age tale.

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