Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"What's That Jacket Margiela?" -H&M Collabo Event With Margiela At Time Warner Building

Speaking of old news, I found even MORE pics in my lost & found hard drive dept that I felt was shareable with you guys. In this set are pics from that H&M X Margiela shindig that 's already mentioned in the title. Gary Jourdain of the Block Association lady extended an invite to the team to do some pre-shopping before the gen pop got their hands on it, but NO ONE listened until they saw the treasure trove I came home with (SMDH). I was lite FM in the men's selection but, I managed to cop a pair of all white swaggy kicks, and a camel coat for team member L.A. However Gary came off with a nice denim jacket (he later returned) and a trio pack of linen underwear. WTFH! Anyways here's some pics I'm sharing, you'll see a few familiar fashion faces among the bunch.

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