Friday, January 11, 2013

"He's Not Heavy He's My Brother!" -TONIGHT Another Great Block Boys B'Day Toast!

Survivors of both the Regan/crack era and the rebel uprising in their native country of Haiti, these two were destined to become friends after Gary rescued Carlito during a night an over-dosed drinking binge in Cancun one unforgettable Memorial Weekend. Nicknamed "Ren & Stimpy" affectionately amongst there peers, these two have been inseparable ever since that random hot Mexican night. So it comes as NO surprise that they both share the SAME b'day month as well! What does this all mean for you? Well it basically means that TONIGHT it will be TWICE the "normal" debauchery as we celebrate their conjoined b'days. No gifts are asked, all that's needed from you is first you're RSVP to attend (, check your coat (and your inhibitions) at the door, eat before hand to hold down the liquor, and ummm bring LOTS of singles (wink) LOL! Yeah we're going in all the way with this one.  Here's more details and past pics of the two chumming it up.

Friday Jan 11th - 
"Good Friday's" 
@Cappello -21 7th Ave. South (Betwn Carmine & Leroy)
Music by DJ Trauma, Frei Speech & Danny Ocean
Hosted by Silky Valente'
#GoodFridays @theBlockAssoc @CappelloNY
Table Reservation + Bottle Service, Bday Celebration

2 for one drinks for ladies before midnight
$200 Grey Goose bottle b4 12am
$500 2 bottles of Goose OR Ciroc + 1 champagne

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